DateTimeChannel Opening/ClosingInbound/OutboundComments
12-Jun-2211:00Channel OpenIB & OB
12-Jun-2206:30Channel ClosedIB & OBIncident at Fred Hartman Bridge
10-May-2219:55Channel OpenIB & OB
10-May-2218:55Channel ClosedIB & OBVessel lost power in Channel
06-Apr-2210:00Channel OpenIB & OB
06-Apr-2205:301-way trafficOB Only
06-Apr-2202:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
05-Apr-2205:45Channel OpenIB & OB
05-Apr-2201:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
31-Mar-2207:00Channel OpenIB & OB
31-Mar-2202:20Channel ClosedIB & OBFisherman in water
07-Mar-2202:10Channel OpenIB & OB
06-Mar-2223:451-way trafficOB OnlyFog
23-Feb-2212:10Channel OpenIB & OB
23-Feb-2207:501-way trafficOB Only
22-Feb-2218:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
22-Feb-2204:00Channel OpenIB & OB
21-Feb-2223:151-way trafficIB only
21-Feb-2218:40Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
21-Feb-2211:00Channel OpenIB & OB
21-Feb-2209:001-way trafficOB Only
21-Feb-2201:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
03-Feb-2201:50Channel OpenIB & OB
02-Feb-2212:001-way trafficOB only
01-Feb-2218:35Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
02-Jan-2204:30Channel OpenIB & OB
02-Jan-2201:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
31-Dec-2113:30Channel OpenIB & OB
31-Dec-2111:551-way trafficIB Only
31-Dec-2109:001-way trafficOB Only
31-Dec-2104:40Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
31-Dec-2100:01Channel OpenIB & OB
30-Dec-2117:15Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
30-Dec-2109:001-way trafficIB Only
30-Dec-2100:151-way trafficOB OnlyFog
18-Dec-2113:50Channel OpenIB & OB
18-Dec-2109:201-way trafficOB Only
17-Dec-2122:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
17-Dec-2112:10Channel OpenIB & OB
17-Dec-2111:051-way trafficOB Only
17-Dec-2107:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
17-Dec-2103:451-way trafficOB Only
16-Dec-2122:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
16-Dec-2106:55Channel OpenIB & OB
16-Dec-2101:301-way trafficOB Only
15-Dec-2120:45Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
15-Dec-2109:201-way trafficIB Only
14-Dec-2119:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
14-Dec-2111:001-way trafficOB Only
13-Dec-2117:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
05-Dec-2107:00Channel OpenIB & OB
05-Dec-2102:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
21-Oct-2109:30Channel OpenIB & OB
21-Oct-2108:001-way trafficIB Only
21-Oct-2102:001-way trafficOB OnlyFog
15-Sep-2100:35Channel OpenIB & OB
14-Sep-2119:001-way trafficOB Only
13-Sep-2113:20Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
22-May-2109:30Channel OpenIB & OB
22-May-2108:451-way trafficIB Only
22-May-2100:20Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
14-Apr-2108:10Channel OpenIB & OB
13-Apr-2121:50Channel ClosedIB & OBHigh winds & seas
13-Apr-2120:551-way trafficIB Only
13-Apr-2117:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
31-Mar-2114:10Channel OpenIB & OB
31-Mar-2111:051-way trafficOB Only
30-Mar-2121:35Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
27-Mar-2113:00Channel OpenIB & OB
27-Mar-2109:101-way trafficOB Only
26-Mar-2120:20Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
25-Mar-2106:30Channel OpenIB & OB
24-Mar-2122:45Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
17-Mar-2100:10Channel OpenIB & OB
16-Mar-2122:501-way trafficOB OnlyFog
16-Mar-2114:40Channel OpenIB & OB
16-Mar-2111:001-way trafficIB Only
15-Mar-2122:45Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
15-Mar-2111:301-way trafficOB Only
15-Mar-2104:24Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
13-Mar-2113:00Channel OpenIB & OB
13-Mar-2109:001-way trafficOB Only
13-Mar-2102:45Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
01-Mar-2112:40Channel OpenIB & OB
01-Mar-2108:301-way trafficOB Only
28-Feb-2120:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
28-Feb-2118:201-way trafficOB Only
28-Feb-2111:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
28-Feb-2109:201-way trafficIB Only
27-Feb-2115:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
27-Feb-2109:301-way trafficIB Only
26-Feb-2118:22Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
26-Feb-2109:121-way trafficOB Only
25-Feb-2116:07Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
25-Feb-2109:301-way trafficOB Only
24-Feb-2120:30Channel ClosedIB & OB
24-Feb-2119:001-way trafficOB OnlyFog
18-Feb-2109:00Channel OpenIB & OB
17-Feb-2118:15Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
17-Feb-2109:30Channel OpenIB & OB
16-Feb-2118:30Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
16-Feb-2114:15Channel OpenIB & OB
16-Feb-2111:001-way trafficOB Only
14-Feb-2115:00Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
11-Feb-2118:00Channel OpenIB & OB
11-Feb-2108:301-way trafficIB Only
10-Feb-2119:40Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
10-Feb-2113:151-way trafficOB Only
09-Feb-2122:05Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
09-Feb-2113:101-way trafficOB Only
08-Feb-2122:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
26-Jan-2100:01Channel OpenIB & OB
25-Jan-2113:201-way trafficIB OnlyFog
25-Jan-2110:30Channel OpenIB & OB
25-Jan-2105:151-way trafficOB Only
24-Jan-2123:20Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
24-Jan-2110:551-way trafficOB Only
23-Jan-2118:05Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
23-Jan-2116:251-way trafficIB Only
23-Jan-2115:35Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
23-Jan-2111:251-way trafficIB Only
23-Jan-2103:05Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
23-Jan-2102:25Channel OpenIB & OB
22-Jan-2121:45Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
22-Jan-2114:301-way trafficIB Only
22-Jan-2108:301-way trafficOB Only
21-Jan-2118:40Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
21-Jan-2105:001-way trafficOB Only
20-Jan-2115:40Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
20-Jan-2112:45Channel OpenIB & OB
20-Jan-2101:50Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
05-Jan-2108:50Channel OpenIB & OB
05-Jan-2102:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
20-Dec-2010:25Channel OpenIB & OB
20-Dec-2003:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
12-Dec-2007:55Channel OpenIB & OB
12-Dec-2003:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
3-Dec-2013:25Channel OpenIB & OB
3-Dec-2009:301-way trafficOB Only
2-Dec-2008:50Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
21-Nov-2007:45Channel OpenIB & OB
21-Nov-2006:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
11-Nov-2008:00Channel OpenIB & OB
11-Nov-2001:40Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
21-Oct-2007:50Channel OpenIB & OB
21-Oct-2007:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
11-Oct-2004:00Channel OpenIB & OB
11-Oct-2001:401-way trafficIB OnlyFog
10-Oct-2006:20Channel OpenIB & OB
10-Oct-2002:301-way trafficOB Only
08-Oct-2018:40Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
23-Sep-2013:30Channel OpenIB & OB
20-Sep-2012:00Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
19-Sep-2020:151-way trafficOB OnlyWeather
26-Jul-2010:00Channel OpenIB & OB
24-Jul-2018:45Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
20-Apr-2007:15Channel OpenIB & OB
19-Apr-2022:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
19-Apr-2014:05Channel OpenIB & OB
19-Apr-2011:401-way trafficOB Only
19-Apr-2003:50Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
12-Apr-2020:55Channel OpenIB & OB
12-Apr-2017:35Channel ClosedIB & OBHigh Winds
7-Apr-2015:00Channel OpenIB & OB
7-Apr-2012:451-way trafficIB Only
7-Apr-2011:25Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
22-Mar-2015:55Channel OpenIB & OB
22-Mar-2015:30Channel ClosedIB & OBUSCG
19-Mar-2007:40Channel OpenIB & OB
18-Mar-2018:251-way trafficIB Only
18-Mar-2010:25Channel OpenIB & OB
17-Mar-2011:551-way trafficOB Only
16-Mar-2023:50Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
16-Mar-2003:20Channel OpenIB & OB
15-Mar-2021:001-way trafficOB Only
15-Mar-2016:15Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
15-Mar-2014:00Channel OpenIB & OB
15-Mar-2011:10Channel ClosedIB & OB
15-Mar-2007:30Channel OpenIB & OB
15-Mar-2005:001-way trafficOB Only
14-Mar-2022:40Channel ClosedIB & OB Fog
14-Mar-2010:00Channel OpenIB & OB
14-Mar-2004:301-way trafficOB Only
13-Mar-2021:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
13-Mar-2012:05Channel OpenIB & OB
13-Mar-2005:551-way trafficOB Only
12-Mar-2011:05Channel OpenIB & OB
12-Mar-2008:301-way trafficOB Only
11-Mar-2017:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
11-Mar-2012:201-way trafficOB Only
11-Mar-2004:30Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
10-Mar-2023:301-way trafficIB Only
10-Mar-2011:101-way trafficOB Only
10-Mar-2007:35Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
4-Mar-2016:20Channel OpenIB & OB
4-Mar-2013:20Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
4-Mar-2012:05Channel OpenIB & OB
4-Mar-2010:001-way trafficOB Only
3-Mar-2020:10Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
3-Mar-2012:051-way trafficOB Only
2-Mar-2023:05Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
19-Feb-2002:55Channel OpenIB & OB
18-Feb-2016:50Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
18-Feb-2010:001-way trafficOB Only
17-Feb-2017:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
17-Feb-2013:001-way trafficOB Only
16-Feb-2016:45Channel ClosedIB & OB
16-Feb-2011:001-way trafficOB Only
15-Feb-2023:50Closed ClosedIB & OBFog
12-Feb-2011:15Channel OpenIB & OB
11-Feb-2012:15Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
11-Feb-2006:301-way trafficIB Only
10-Feb-2022:301-way trafficOB Only
10-Feb-2014:15Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
10-Feb-2009:001-way trafficOB Only
10-Feb-2001:00Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
9-Feb-2023:551-way trafficOB OnlyFog
5-Feb-2008:15Channel OpenIB & OB
5-Feb-2006:45Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
28-Jan-2010:15Channel OpenIB & OB
28-Jan-2003:00Channel ClosedIB & OBPort Operations
27-Jan-2004:20Channel OpenIB & OB
27-Jan-2004:001-way trafficIB OnlyUSCG Operations
26-Jan-2013:10Channel OpenIB & OB
26-Jan-2008:151-way trafficOB OnlyShip Aground
25-Jan-2010:00Channel OpenIB & OB
24-Jan-2012:00Channel ClosedIB & OBCapt. of the Port Order
23-Jan-2003:05Channel OpenIB & OB
23-Jan-2001:50Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
18-Jan-2015:30Channel OpenIB & OB
18-Jan-2007:301-way trafficIB Only
17-Jan-2023:05Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
17-Jan-2015:151-way trafficIB Only
17-Jan-2013:35Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
17-Jan-2012:00Channel OpenIB & OB
17-Jan-2005:001-way trafficOB Only
16-Jan-2017:15Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
16-Jan-2015:001-way trafficOB Only
14-Jan-2015:50Channel ClosedIB & OBCollision
14-Jan-2011:351-way trafficOB Only
13-Jan-2017:15Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
12-Jan-2011:00Channel OpenIB & OB
12-Jan-2008:50Channel ClosedIB & OBFog
11-Jan-2005:30Channel OpenIB & OB
10-Jan-2023:25Channel ClosedIB & OBWeather
3-Jan-2005:30Chanel Open IB & OB
2-Jan-2020:451-way trafficIB Only
2-Jan-2013:001-way trafficOB Only
2-Jan-2004:20Channel ClosedIB & OB Fog
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